Our Fight


More Employment

Increase the efficiency of youth employment opportunities. Create a streamline process for jobs on new construction projects and increase training opportunities in the high wage industries, such as electrician-power line repair installers and technicians.

Better Infrastructure

Budget set aside for more infrastructure repair and replacement.

Increased Housing

More PPP (public private partnership) to develop housing on city owned lots, so they do not remain vacant and become a cease pool for dumping

Crime reduction

As the Vice President of a Neighborhood Association that has won neighborhood watch of the year twice, we will work together to strengthen neighborhood watch groups to protect our communities.

Stronger Youth Programming

There has been an increase in youth involved shootings; we will strengthen community collaborations to positively engage with the youth and create systemic structure in youth programming for better results.

Homeless reduction

Collaborate with County to explore the transformation of abandoned hotels and motels in to homeless living facilities. Create a community court to reduce recidivism and provide needed services for homeless individuals.

Another Chance Ordinance

Blanket pardons for closed marijuana possession convictions for those individuals previously convicted in the City of Orlando on a single Unlawful Possession of Marijuana of up to 20 grams.

Environment Protection

Take action on critical environmental issues, create policy that positively impacts Florida’s environment, and encourage people to be responsible environmental stewards.

Bail Bonds Reform

Looking to collaborate with the bonding and court systems to make a more effective accountability process for persons going through the legal system.